Jagjit Singh | A Melodious Ghazal Evening

Abu Dhabi, November 1, 2008: The well known Gazal Singer Shri Jagjit Singh performed at the Emirates Palace Auditorium and gave the music lovers an unforgettable experience to all the entertainment passionate populace of Abu Dhabi with his very melodies and beautiful selection of Gazals on October 31, 2008.

The function was held at the prestigious Emirates Palace Auditorium and began at 9:30pm. More than 500 music lovers gathered at the venue to listen to his scintillating Gazals. The audience which comprised of people from all over U.A.E. was fully entertained and euphoric when Mr. Jagjit Singh sang one after the other ever lasting memorable Gazals.

He welcomed the crowd and captured the audience attention with his style and wit. People were glued on to their seats and enjoyed listening to this great Singer.

He began with Kuchna kuch zaroor hona hei and continued with well known numbers such as Thum badle hamse, Koyi dost me thera shohor kitna ajeeb he, Chand me dhag he, Kisne Kaha thera chehera kithna suhan lagtha he, Ye koi dost purana, Ye daulat be lo, ye shohar be lo, Huzoor Apka bi., Aaistha, Aaista, Hazaron kwaish, Dost bandan, to name a few.

The Orchestra comprised of musicians and artists namely: Deepak Patel (Violin), Atul (Violin), Nithin (Tabla, flute, Mridangham) and Agni (Synthesiser).

The performance of the artists was truly praise worthy and very well appreciated by the crowd. This was revealed with the round of applause after each and every number they played. They amused the crowd marvellously by providing appropriate music to every Gazal that was sung by Mr. Jagjit Singh. A vivid music lover would compare his Gazals to the pearls popping out of the shells. The audience was spell bound and were glued to the chairs from the start till the end enjoy this enthralling music and gazals.

The event was organized by EQUITY and managed by INOVATIONS & PRIME-VISION and sponsored by Navayuga and Jet Airways. The support sponsors were: Pulse 95.3 Radio, Chappan Bhog, Impact Reality, Car Fare Car Rental, Real Media, Zee Network, Dar Al Andalus Printing and Quality Restaurant.

The final exhibition of talents of musicians mesmerized the crowd they were reluctant to leave the seats, but it was time for Mr. Jagjit Singh , the Gazal King to wind up the event and say good night at about 1.00am after entertaining them thoroughly and to the fullest satisfaction of the audience.

Source: Mangalorean

Jagjit Singh | Gurbani album

Jagjit Singh, the famous Ghazal singer, is today known round the world for his soulful voice. It's been a four decades long journey for him and his magic to appeal the innermost feelings of millions of hearts has improved over the years.

Recently on the occasion of Tercentenary celebrations of 'Guru-ta-Gaddi' (guruship) of Guru Granth Sahib, Jagjit Singh launched his new album 'Guru Manyo Granth'. He said that the main idea behind launching this album was to celebrate the Tercentenary of Guru-ta-Gaddi of Guru Granth Sahib.

The 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh had accorded the Guruship to the Guru Granth Sahib. He had told the Sikhs that whatever guideline or knowledge they wanted to gain, they should read the Guru Granth Sahib to get it, the Ghazal king stated.

"To commemorate that decision of Guru Gobind Singh we have launched an album. There are so many celebrations going on in the country, throughout the year. A huge fair is being held at Sri Hazoor Sahib in Nanded. Celebrations are going in Amritsar as well. This is an album I have dedicated to the occasion. "We have tried to compose the songs as per the written shabads. I have got the songs sung mostly by non-Sikh singers so that the message of Gurbani can be spread. And non-Sikhs could also get to know the meaning of Gurbani. The message of Gurbani is not for a single community but for the entire humanity," said Jagjit Singh.

"I included four Sikh singers and 16 non-Sikh singers. Also, the singing style is more classical," Singh added. The Ghazal maestro said that media could play a major role in the promotion of ghazals.

"Once media starts giving it preference, the ghazal will get recognition. Unfortunately, the media is giving more importance to contemporary music now," Singh said.Jagjit Singh rued the fact that Punjabi music lacks variation these days. "It also lacks a classical base. Punjabi music is now more pop, and vulgarity is there in today's music," he added.

Source: NewsTrackIndia