Jagjit Singh | Jagjit Singh at Mumbai Nehru Centre

Jagjit Singh performed on December 17 at Mumbai Nehru Centre to pay tribute to the martyrs who fights against the terrorists in Mumbai. All the names of the martyrs were printed on the banner on the stage. It was organised by Jaspal Enterprises Limited and India First Foundation. Many donations had been made through Jagjit Singh to Mumbai Police.

Jagjit Singh charmed the audiences with his melodies and soulful voice and was highly appreciated by the audiences. Jagjit Singh performed at the event for free to pay respect to the brave martyrs.

Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Yu zindagi ki raah me

This ghazal is a duet from Jagjit Singh and
his wife Chitra Singh.

Yu zindagi ki raah me majboor ho gaye
itne huye kareeb ke hum door ho gaye

aisa naheeN ke humko koi bhee khushi nahiN
lekin ye zindagi to koi zindagi nahiN
kyooN iske faisle hameN manzoor ho gaye

paaya tumHe to humko laga tumko kho diya
hum dil pe roye aur ye dil humpe ro diya
palkoN se khwaab kyooN gire kyooN choor ho gaye

Download the ghazal: Yu zindagi ki raah me

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Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Ye Kare Aur Wo Kare

Ye Kare Aur Wo Kare Aisa Karen Waisa Kare,
Zindagi Do Din Ki Hai Do Din Mein Hum Kya Kya Kare

Jee Mein Aaata Hai Ki Dein Parde Se Parde Ka Jawaab,
Hum Se Wo Parda Karen Duniyaa Se Hum Parda Kare

Sun Raha Hoon Kuch Lutere Aa Gayey Hain Shehar Mein,
Aap Jaldi Bandh Apne Ghar Ka Darwazaa Karen

Is Puraani Be-wafa Duniya Ka Rona Kab Talak,
Aaiyey Mil-jul Ke Ik Duniya Nayee Paida Karen

Download: Yeh Kare Aur Woh Kare
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Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Uski Baten To Phool Hon Jaise

Uski Baten To Phool Hon Jaise,
Baki Baten Babul Ho Jaise,

Choti Choti Si Uski Wo Akhe,
Do Chameli Ke Phool Ho Jaise,

Uski Haskar Nazar Zhuka Lena,
Sari Sharte Kubul Ho Jaise,

Kitni Dilkash Hai Uski Khamoshi,
Sari Baten Phijul Ho Jaise

Download at: http://ghazal.110mb.com/jagjit/uski-baten-to-phool-ho-jaise.html

Jagjit Singh | A Melodious Ghazal Evening

Abu Dhabi, November 1, 2008: The well known Gazal Singer Shri Jagjit Singh performed at the Emirates Palace Auditorium and gave the music lovers an unforgettable experience to all the entertainment passionate populace of Abu Dhabi with his very melodies and beautiful selection of Gazals on October 31, 2008.

The function was held at the prestigious Emirates Palace Auditorium and began at 9:30pm. More than 500 music lovers gathered at the venue to listen to his scintillating Gazals. The audience which comprised of people from all over U.A.E. was fully entertained and euphoric when Mr. Jagjit Singh sang one after the other ever lasting memorable Gazals.

He welcomed the crowd and captured the audience attention with his style and wit. People were glued on to their seats and enjoyed listening to this great Singer.

He began with Kuchna kuch zaroor hona hei and continued with well known numbers such as Thum badle hamse, Koyi dost me thera shohor kitna ajeeb he, Chand me dhag he, Kisne Kaha thera chehera kithna suhan lagtha he, Ye koi dost purana, Ye daulat be lo, ye shohar be lo, Huzoor Apka bi., Aaistha, Aaista, Hazaron kwaish, Dost bandan, to name a few.

The Orchestra comprised of musicians and artists namely: Deepak Patel (Violin), Atul (Violin), Nithin (Tabla, flute, Mridangham) and Agni (Synthesiser).

The performance of the artists was truly praise worthy and very well appreciated by the crowd. This was revealed with the round of applause after each and every number they played. They amused the crowd marvellously by providing appropriate music to every Gazal that was sung by Mr. Jagjit Singh. A vivid music lover would compare his Gazals to the pearls popping out of the shells. The audience was spell bound and were glued to the chairs from the start till the end enjoy this enthralling music and gazals.

The event was organized by EQUITY and managed by INOVATIONS & PRIME-VISION and sponsored by Navayuga and Jet Airways. The support sponsors were: Pulse 95.3 Radio, Chappan Bhog, Impact Reality, Car Fare Car Rental, Real Media, Zee Network, Dar Al Andalus Printing and Quality Restaurant.

The final exhibition of talents of musicians mesmerized the crowd they were reluctant to leave the seats, but it was time for Mr. Jagjit Singh , the Gazal King to wind up the event and say good night at about 1.00am after entertaining them thoroughly and to the fullest satisfaction of the audience.

Source: Mangalorean

Jagjit Singh | Gurbani album

Jagjit Singh, the famous Ghazal singer, is today known round the world for his soulful voice. It's been a four decades long journey for him and his magic to appeal the innermost feelings of millions of hearts has improved over the years.

Recently on the occasion of Tercentenary celebrations of 'Guru-ta-Gaddi' (guruship) of Guru Granth Sahib, Jagjit Singh launched his new album 'Guru Manyo Granth'. He said that the main idea behind launching this album was to celebrate the Tercentenary of Guru-ta-Gaddi of Guru Granth Sahib.

The 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh had accorded the Guruship to the Guru Granth Sahib. He had told the Sikhs that whatever guideline or knowledge they wanted to gain, they should read the Guru Granth Sahib to get it, the Ghazal king stated.

"To commemorate that decision of Guru Gobind Singh we have launched an album. There are so many celebrations going on in the country, throughout the year. A huge fair is being held at Sri Hazoor Sahib in Nanded. Celebrations are going in Amritsar as well. This is an album I have dedicated to the occasion. "We have tried to compose the songs as per the written shabads. I have got the songs sung mostly by non-Sikh singers so that the message of Gurbani can be spread. And non-Sikhs could also get to know the meaning of Gurbani. The message of Gurbani is not for a single community but for the entire humanity," said Jagjit Singh.

"I included four Sikh singers and 16 non-Sikh singers. Also, the singing style is more classical," Singh added. The Ghazal maestro said that media could play a major role in the promotion of ghazals.

"Once media starts giving it preference, the ghazal will get recognition. Unfortunately, the media is giving more importance to contemporary music now," Singh said.Jagjit Singh rued the fact that Punjabi music lacks variation these days. "It also lacks a classical base. Punjabi music is now more pop, and vulgarity is there in today's music," he added.

Source: NewsTrackIndia

Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Tum ko Dekha To Khayal Aya

This ghazal is surely one of the best ghazals in the bollywood cinema.
Jagjit Singh had sung this for the movie Arth which had many
other beautiful ghazals of him.

Tum Ko Dekha To Ye Khayal Aaya
Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Chaaya

Aaj Phir Dil Ne Ik Tamanna Ki
Aaj Phir Dil Ko Humne Samjhaaya

Tum Chale Jaaoge To Sochenge
Humne Kya Khoya Humne Kya Paya

Hum Jise Gunguna Nahin Sakte
Waqt Ne Aisa Geet Kyun Gaya

Download the ghazal at: Tum ko dekha
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Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Celebrations - A tribute to Jagjit Singh

The ‘CELEBRATIONS’ on 15th and 16th of October was held at Srifort Stadium to honour the Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh. Jagjit Singh later entertained the audiences with his mesmorizing ghazals and the funds raised from the concert will go to the Divine Social Welfare Society for education of under priveleged child.

The chief guest in the program was Amar Singh who is also a great fan of Jagjit Singh. The event was jointly organized by Divine Social Welfare Society and Swar Dhar.

Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Tu Nahi To Zindagi Me

This is a duet ghazal of Jagjit Singh and Chitra singh
from a private album.

Tu Nahi To Zindagi Me Aur Kya Reh Jaayega
Duur Tak Tanhaeyo Ka Silsila Reh Jayega

Dard Ki Saari Tahe Aur Saare Guzre Haadse
Sab Dhooan Ho Jaayenge Ik Faakeya Reh Jaayega

Yun Bhee Hoga Wo Mujhe Dil Se Bhula Dega Magar
Ye Bhee Hoga Khud Usee Mein Ik Khala Reh Jaayega

Daayre Inkaar Ke Iqraar Kee Sargoshiyaan
Ye Agar Tote Kabhee To Fasla Reh Jaayega

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A sound affair: Jagjit Singh

As a packed audience at the Taramati Baradari awaits the ghazal maestro's entry, there are excited conjectures about what songs he will sing.
Discussions about the legend's health (he was only very recently hospitalised). However, the man puts all worries to rest as he greets the audience, and at once breaks into the prelude to a popular ghazal.
What follows is almost three hours of musical marvel, as he sings one famous ghazal after another, hardly pausing, even between songs as he makes the trademark effortless transition from one ghazal to the next. All this, while the entertainer commands the audience's rapt attention, who sing-along some of those immortal Urdu lyrics, applaud as he delivers the refrain of a song, and he laughs, his characteristic laugh as he presents a sher, dedicated to an aged friend's love life, who is sitting in the audience.
Meeting Jagjitji up close, the first thing that strikes you is the impression of a hearty person, who answers questions, not with the political correctness of a diplomat, but with the markedly carefree manner of one who speaks his mind.
He is an entertainer, not just on stage, but off it, as he punctuates his conversation with humour, which can tend to be on the wry side at times, but makes up for it with the gaiety with which he delivers it. Comment on him having brought ghazals from the elite to the masses, with his amalgamation of western instruments into traditional sound, and he says, "It just happened. It's not something I started out doing in a planned manner." But didn't he get his share of scepticism, on the grounds of deviating from tradition? "What is tradition?" he asks, and then adds after a pause, "Tradition is a fake word, used by people as an excuse to avoid progress. What was tradition 50 years ago, cannot be so now. Maybe, 50 years from now, what I've done will be tradition."
Having made evident that he's not a stickler for orthodoxy, he clarifies that he has nothing against the classical raagas, or dhrupad and thumri, being applied to modern fusion songs. He says, "All music is ultimately based on the raagas, and I don't think using them with modern rock or fusion takes anything away from their beauty. If adding a modern instrument and a long-haired guy on the guitar makes young people love it, then so be it!"
However, talking about music in Bollywood and the dearth of ghazals there, he scoffs with a sharp impulsive remark, "Those people don't have any background in ghazals, or in the literature of classical music, for that matter. They just know how to steal and make music."
Again, in a sudden moment of eccentricity (and enjoying the amusement his humour generates) when asked why he changed earlier album titles from English to Urdu- "I pick titles only on the basis of appropriateness. For that matter, I think our (Jagjit and wife, Chitra Singh's) most appropriate title was A Sound Affair. It was all about sound, and you can guess about the affair bit," he chuckles.
Has he softened his stance, that Pakistani singers shouldn't be given added privileges to sing in India, he says, "No, I stand for that. I'm not against them performing here, but why the extra favour? Why is it that when Ghulam Ali performs, he doesn't have to pay any taxes? Rules should be the same for all."
Talking about Hyderabad, he pauses for a while before reflecting, "When I used to come earlier, I would sing in small mehfils now I get to sing in big venues. But, people enjoy music just the same."
The man who has dedicated a lifetime to music is a thorough optimist about the future and popularity of ghazals, "It's not true that ghazals or classical music have depleting audiences. My fans range across all age groups. Even young people love to listen to ghazals," he signs off.
This article is from: Times of India

Jagjit Singh Ghazals Concert In Bhubaneshwar

Jagjit Singh entertained the audience in Bhubaneshwar on friday evening. It was organized by Round Table India Bhubaneswar Round Table 53 and Krupajal Group of Institution. The first ghazal was Chand Bhi Dekha from Tarkeeb and went to Kal Chaudhvi Ki Raat Thi. Then he sung some oif his beautifully sung ghazals from Bollywood films and private albums and presenting to the fans the true joy of his singing.

Jagjit Singh Ghazals Concert n BHUBANESWAR

The maestro came and charmed all and sundry. The packed-auditorium, on Friday evening, sat still savouring every moment, internalising every nazm of the ghazal king, Jagjit Singh, as he sat on the podium and rendered ghazals close to his heart.He started off with Chand Bhi Dekha a track from Hindi film Tarkeib and built up the mood with the teasing Kal Chaudhvi Ki Raat Thi.Making a departure from his quintessential serious style, he continued with the youthful Aag Ka Kya Hai, Pal Hi Pal Mein Lag Jati Hai.As the evening progressed, he went on to sing his most soul-stirring ghazals ably supported by his four accompaniments.The concert, jointly presented by Round Table India- Bhubaneswar Round Table-53 and Krupajal Group of Institutions, kicked off with presentations on the activities that the two organisations have been undertaking.Singh himself has been associated with Round Table India in the past and performed at Hyderabad and Chennai.

Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Tum Hamare Nahi To Kya Gham Hai

Lyrics :

Tum Hamare Nahi To Kya Gham Hai
Hum Tumhare To Hai Yeh Kya Kam Hai
Husn Ki Sohkhia Zara Dekho
Gahe Shoal Hai Gahe Shabnam Hai
Muskura Do Zara Khuda Ke Liye
Sham-e-mhafil M\ein Roshni Kam Haai
Ban Gaya Hai Yeh Zindagi Aab To
Tuz Se Badkar Hume Tera Gam Hai

Download: Tum Hamare Nahi To Kya Gam Hai

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Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Kahin kahin se har chehra

Next is from the bollywood movie "Dil kahi Hosh Kahi"
sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Jagjit Singh and the music
is directed by the talented upcoming music director of Indian
Cinema Adesh Shrivastava.

Kahin kahin se har chehra - 2
Tum jaisa lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum
Aisa lagta hai, aisa lagta hai

Oh ho, oh oh, oh ho ho ho, oh
Aisa bhi ek rang hai, mm mm mm, oh oh
Aisa bhi ek rang hai Jo karta hai baatein bhi
Jo bhi isko pehn le Voh apna sa lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum Aisa lagta hai

Kahin kahin se har chehra Tum jaisa lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum Aisa lagta hai,
aisa lagta hai Sa sa sa ga ga ga ga pa pa pa, aah - 2
e re re re re ma Ma pa ga, ga ma re,
re ga sa Aur to sab kuch theek hai lekin - 2

Kabhi kabhi yunhi chalta phirta shaher Achaanak,
achaanak tanha lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum Aisa lagta hai
Kahin kahin se har chehra Tum jaisa lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum Aisa lagta hai, aisa lagta hai
Abhi yun milte hain humse phool chameli
Jaise inse apna koi - 2
Rishta lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum Aisa lagta hai
Kahin kahin se har chehra Tum jaisa lagta hai
Tumko bhool na paayenge hum Aisa lagta hai,
aisa lagta hai Oh ho, aah aah aah, oh ho ho ho ho,
oh Oh oh, aah aah aah aah

Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Bat Niklegi To Phir Dur (The Unforgettables)

Another beautifully sung ghazal from the album "The Unforgettables".


Bat Niklegi To Phir Dur Talak Jayegi
Log Bewaja Udasi Ka Sabab Pochhenge
Ye Bhee Pochenge Ke Tum Itne Pareshan Kyo Ho
Ongliyan Uthenge Sokhe Huye Balo Ke Taraf
Ek Nazar Dekhenge Guzre Huye Salon Ke Taraf
Chodiyon Par Bhi Kai Tanz Kiye Jayenge
Kanpate Hathon Pe Bhee Fikre Kase Jayenge

Log Zalim Hai Har Ek Bat Ka Tanaa Denge
Baton Baton Mein Mera Zikr Bhee Le Ayenge
Unke Baton Ka Zara Sa Bhe Asar Mat Lena
Warna Chehre Ke Tasur Se Samajh Jayenge
Chaahe Kuchh Bhi Ho Sawalat Na Karna Unse
Mere Bare Me Koi Bat Na Karna Unse
Bat Niklegi To Phir Door Talak Jaayegi

Downlad: Baat Niklegi to phir dur talak jayegi

(Right Click and 'Save Target As' to dowwnload)

Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar (Arth)

This one is also from the same movie Arth of Bollywood.
It was a huge hit at his time and one of the evergreen songs
of both Jagjit Singh and hindi cinema.


Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Beqaraar Hai Ke Nahi
Daba Daba Sa Sahi Dil Mein Pyar Hai Ke Nahi

Tu Apne Dil Ki Jawaan Dharkano Ko Gin Ke Bata
Meri Tarah Tera Dil Beqarar Hai Ke Nahi

Wo Pal Ke Jis Mein Mohabbat Jawaan Hoti Hai
Us Ek Pal Ka Tujhe Intezaar Hai Ke Nahi

Teri Umeed Pe Thukra Raha Hu Duniya Ko
Tujhe Bhi Apne Pe Ye Aitbaar Hai Ke Nahin

Download: Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

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Jagjit Singh Ghazals | Tum Itna Jo (Arth)

This is one of the most beautiful ghazals of Hindi Cinema or Bollywood.
This is from the bollywood film "Arth".


Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho
Kya Gham Hai Jisko Chupaa Rahe Ho

Aankhon Mein Namee Hansi Labon Par
Kya Haal Hai Kya Dikhaa Rahe Ho

Ban Jaayenge Zaher Peete Peete
Ye Ashq Jo Peete Rahe Ho

Jin Zakhmon Ko Waqt Bhar Chala Hai
Tum Kyoon Unhe Chede Jaa Rahe Ho

Rekhaaon Ka Khel Hai Muqqaddar
Rekhaaon Se Maat Khaa Rahe Ho

Download: Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho

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Jagjit Singh - The Ghazal Maestro

Jagjit Singh, the Ghazal Maestro has given a new meaning to ghazals. His charming voice attracted audience of all ages worldwide. He had sung in both bollywood films and in hundreds of private albums. His has huge popularity among music lovers of India, Pakistan and the rest of the world.